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Learn BSL

Getting started
Learning British Sign Language (BSL) is a great way to enhance social inclusion for Deaf people in the UK. Embarking on a journey to learn BSL will improve your confidence and you’ll have fun on the way.
Commanding Hands aims to provide tools and resources to help you learn BSL, however we wholeheartedly recommend that you join a local BSL class taught by a qualified Deaf BSL teacher. In these classes, you can also learn about Deaf awareness, Deaf culture and get involved with the Deaf community.


Read more about British Sign Language (BSL) and discover the answers to some common questions.

Find a BSL Class

Find a BSL class near you and learn British Sign Language (BSL). We recommend learning BSL with a qualified BSL teacher where possible.

Watch our Videos

We upload tutorial and vocabulary videos to YouTube available for all to watch for free. Becoming a channel member helps support Commanding Hands but isn’t essential to view all of our videos.

Deaf Awareness

Communication tips to help you become more Deaf aware and help remove the barriers Deaf people face when accessing information and services.

Learner’s Support Group

Become a member of our Facebook BSL Learner’s Support Group and connect with others on your BSL learning journey.

Recommended Reading

Books produced by others that we recommend. We receive a commission if you click the links we supply and purchase the books.